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bridesmaids dresses and even for your wedding shoes

Shabby chic, vintage, marine-themed wedding ... when it comes to deciding the style of marriage, the possibilities are many. But even more are the colors to choose from for decorations, wedding place cards, flowers navy cocktail dress, centerpieces, bridesmaids dresses and even for your wedding shoes. Our advice is to use a color that you like, maybe your favorite, but always taking into consideration the style of marriage and your wedding dress. Here are some tips on possible combinations based on the new Pantone trends for 2018.

Guglielmo Meucci Photographer


The light and soft colors are perfect for the country locations, but at the same time refined, typical of shabby chic weddings. The beige and white, then red dresses for bridesmaids, lend themselves particularly well to the games of contrasts between the different materials. To achieve this effect combine rustic objects, such as wooden tables or frames, with white decorative elements such as porcelain teapots, centerpieces made of candles and cages or original wedding signs in the shape of birds. The result? You will feel like you were transported to an English villa of the 1920s.
The photographic book of Alberto Costa

Blue is once again confirmed as a trendy color, this year in navy shades. No surprise, since with its many nuances lends itself perfectly to every style and all tastes. We can not deny, however, that the first thing that comes to mind thinking of blue is the sea. If for your wedding you want a marine theme, combine it with blue or light blue and you will go on the safe side! For the bouquet of flowers, nothing more suitable than beautiful blue hydrangeas.
Emiliano Allegrezza
Do you want to give your wedding a vintage touch and recreate the gritty fifties? Then green light to red, especially in the Pantone Cherry Tomato shade. Start with your look: why not choose a short wedding dress? Complete it with a waistband, red sandals and a hairstyle for a perfect retro style. For your bridesmaids, choose short and colorful wedding dresses, perhaps with white polka dots. And for your future husband, the red tie is a must! Combine this color with black for decorations: vinyl records, borsalini, ribbons and so on and so forth.

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perhaps to be combined with a lace wedding dress

Decorative elements
The bouquets of flowers can be completed with decorative elements that embellish it and allow you to include some hints to the theme or fil rouge of the wedding. For winter weddings, you can range from pine cones cornflower blue bridesmaid dresses, berries, branches, pine leaves or elegant points of light. Choose the inserts according to the style of your dress and you will go on the safe side.
Seasonal flowers
In addition to roses, perfect in every season of the year, for your bouquet you can use wonderful winter flowers: buttercups evening dresses, hyacinths, tulips or calla lilies are perfect for this purpose. Remember that using seasonal flowers also means ensuring greater availability, which will allow you to use the same varieties to decorate the tables and the altar or to give life to the most original wedding placeholder ideas.
Simple and refined handle
To show off all the beauty of your floral arrangement, leave the handle almost bare. A strip of cloth decorated with small inserts or tied like a bow will suffice. An original and elegant idea, perhaps to be combined with a lace wedding dress, is to leave the stems of long flowers, avoiding cutting them. Maybe it will not be very comfortable to launch, but it will certainly leave the guests speechless.
Give space to the imagination
Beyond the combinations and the most suitable colors in winter, the fundamental thing is that the bouquet pleases you. Take a cue from the photographs to imagine all the possible combinations, inserts and natural elements that are closer to your tastes. Talk to your florist and ask them to rehearse until you are completely convinced of your choice. Once received, you can also personalize it with items of special significance, such as a piece of cloth from your mother's wedding dress or a lucky pendant.

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you have chosen a mermaid wedding dress a bouquet of roses

The bridal bouquet will accompany you from your entry until the moment you turn it to the unmarried guests. It is an important element of your look, like the bridal shoes. Here are our 50 favorites, to inspire you to choose the perfect one for you, to combine with your wonderful wedding dress.
Matter of taste
The choice of the bouquet of flowers depends on many factors: the season, the theme of the wedding, the style of the dress but above all your tastes. The combinations of colors, natural and decorative elements are almost endless: be advised by the experts black beaded cocktail dress, but never forget to listen to yourself, choosing your favorite flowers or colors and personalizing them with your favorite items. After all, flowers have always been a vehicle of communication: make sure that they reflect your personality to feel totally at ease.
The ideal complement
From elegant shoes to hairstyle, it is important that every element of the look matches your dress. Beyond the fashions and trends, every bride has her own personal style: if you have chosen a mermaid wedding dress, a bouquet of roses or red tulips will enhance your sensuality even more; if your style is boho-chic, you could choose a bouquet of wild flowers, to match with a crown for your hair; if instead you are more traditional, go on the classic round bouquet of peonies.
The perfect color ... does not exist
The fashion of the classic total white bouquet has not yet disappeared, but has been flanked by that of the full color. From the classic bouquet of white peonies to that made with roses of every color, passing through the cool shades like purple and blue (perfect if you wear a winter wedding dress), the combinations are truly endless. Match it, if you want mother of the bride long dresses, to your wedding shoes, accessories or table decorations.

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anchored to romanticism that every wedding dress should transmit

The class of the famous Italian fashion house founded by Anna Molinari and Gianpaolo Tarabini is reconfirmed every year and the 2018 wedding dresses proposed by Blumarine are the perfect example of a fashion in step with the times, at the same time anchored to romanticism that every wedding dress should transmit. Among the details there is no shortage of lace, important necklines and broken cuts for the most playful girls, ready to tighten their wedding bouquet to embark on their way to the altar.
The protagonist shoulders
One of the most sensual parts of a woman's body is without a doubt the shoulders and Blumarine seems to know it very well. Among the innumerable bodices that characterize the dresses of this romantic bridal collection, there are also innovative proposals that complete the outfit with accessory sleeves - made from embroideries reminiscent of refined tattoos or balloon volumes - long from the wrist up to cover the elbow, but not more than. Let your long hair enhance the uncovered parts of your body black white cocktail dresses, or pick them up in a bridal hairstyle for long hair for a more refined look.

Via boredom, with a broken dress

The broken ones are known shoes for mother of the bride, they are a bold choice and one must not only "know how to bring them" but also find the right model. Blumarine this year interprets in a masterly way the contrast between classic and modern that a dress of this type brings with it, creating garments that confirm that the time has not yet come to say goodbye to this trend.


We find lace bodices with boat neckline, resting on wide and smooth high-waisted skirts, for a simple wedding dress only in appearance: you can also choose the model with the longest and softest skirt, enhanced by a bow that is exactly where it should be.

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Sheaths in bon ton and pastel shades are perfect dresses

Better a long or ceremonial dress? Better varopinto or solid color? And the accessories? If a particular dress code is indicated in the wedding invitation we have received, the problem does not arise, or at least we might have a slightly clearer idea about the type of clothing required by the couple, but if this is not so lace a line wedding dress, often there we find to have a thousand doubts on what could be the appropriate formal dress. The place where ceremony and reception will take place are already good clues that can guide us in choosing the perfect look for the occasion.

Today in particular we talk about spring weddings and we show you 30 perfect outfits for invited guests in the afternoon.

Light shades and pastel colors


According to the bon ton, if you are invited to a ceremony or afternoon reception, you can choose for the occasion to wear clothes in pastel colors or in any case of light shades. Black and other dark colors are absolutely to be avoided white cocktail party dress, unless they are combined with other contrasting tones such as white, pink, yellow, etc ... Being a wedding in spring also, you will have free choice when choosing clothes floral prints, this season's must: among the catalogs of women's formal dresses of every brand and fashion store you will find dozens and dozens of proposals for completely floral and colorful outfits designed to participate in receptions and important events.
Longuette dresses and wide midí skirts
Sheaths in bon ton and pastel shades are perfect dresses to wear if you are invited to a wedding that will take place on a spring afternoon: they are very feminine adherents, they have a midí length which makes them always "classy outfits", and most have long or three-quarter sleeves, excellent solution to the uncertainty of spring time! Then complete with elegant shoes: you will be fabulous!